The studio is an extension of my private residence and must be regarded and respected as such. Please remove your shoes during rainy weather or if they are dirty/muddy/gross underneath. No food nor drink( except water) is allowed in the studio. Student expected to wash their hands before lesson.
In case of medical emergency, I will use my best judgement in obtaining medical care for your child and you accept the responsibility for any related expenses.
As a piano instructor, I support and care for all of my students and their families in a very special way. One-to-one education is very concentrated, and the bond between teacher and student can grow quite strong. Nevertheless, the studio reserves the right to terminate a student’s lessons for the following infractions:
Inappropriate behavior toward me on the part of student or student’s parent’s and Failure to pay for lessons


If you arrive more than two minutes before your scheduled lesson time, please wait outside or in your vehicle before entering the studio. Dropping off and picking up your child on time shows respect for the time that I make for myself, my family, and my other students. If you drop off your child too early or you are unable to pick up your child on time, a $10 charge will be added for every 5 minutes that you arrive too early or too late.
If student arrive five minutes late,lesson is five minutes shorter. You reserve the time slot,not the number of minutes.
Please do not use any of my neighbor’s drive ways for any reason.


Email or text is the best and preferred way to reach me. If you need to cancel a lesson at the last minute, please text because I do not check email or voicemail during teaching hours.
To discuss student progress, parents are welcome to talk with the teacher during the first five minutes of the student’s lesson – but not afterwards, in order to respect the next student’s time slot.


There are no refunds given unless I am unable to teach the set number of lessons.
If a student is not able to attend a lesson an advance notice to the teacher is expected.
Out of respect for your teacher and the other families who take piano lessons, please cancel your lesson for the following reasons: fever, vomiting/digestive issues, communicable skin rashes, contagious with a flu or virus, excessive coughing. I very rarely take a sick day so I appreciate your consideration in helping me run a healthy studio. Make up lessons will try to be offered, but are not guaranteed. Students that cancel within 48 hours of the lesson will be charged the full amount  and will not receive a make-up credit. Students that arrive more than 15 minutes late will be charged for the lesson and the teacher has the right to cancel the lesson.