Group Lessons


20/20/20 Lessons for 8 years old and up:

My 20/20/20, hour long piano lessons are the perfect combination of everything a student needs to be successful at the piano!
20 minutes with me at the piano. Here we work to master proper technique, sight reading skills, rhythm and musicality!
20 minutes at a keyboard. Here students work on practicing playing their songs for the week with the help of Piano Maestro . Piano Maestro is a revolutionary app that identifies rhythm and note mistakes. Students get instant feedback and correction as they move through their songs.
20 minutes at theory lab.Here students work specifically on note reading, rhythm technique , composition . I use various apps, exercises to assure that my students get a thorough understanding in all these areas!

During the 20/20/20 lesson, students will be at the studio with 2 other students, for a total of 1 hour. This builds a wonderful sense of camaraderie for everyone!

Registration Fee $100 per student (include books, materials, Piano Maestro App and Piano Magazine subscription). Tuition $600 for 15 lessons.



Kindergarten/1st grade Group Piano Lessons:

My kindergarten/1st grade piano lessons are 45 minutes long, with a total of 4 students max. Each week we spend time, both at the piano playing songs, and away from the piano playing piano games that are geared specifically towards that weeks’ learning goal.

Registration Fee $100 per student (include books, materials, Piano Maestro App and Piano Magazine subscription).Tuition $450 for 15 lessons.





Are you interested in joining the studio? Feel free to contact Kateryna to ask if there is an opening in the schedule.






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